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To help homeschooling families select the best homeschool curriculum for them, this site collects reviews from homeschools and updated information from homeschool curriculum vendors.


We will organize the materials into the categories such as:


Traditional homeschooling vendors such as A Beka and Saxon, Sonlight and Calvert.


New homeschool providers such as Singapore Math (fast paced math for those strong in math) and Time4Learning (online home school curriculum).


Our goal is not so much to “rate” homeschool materials as to position the homeschoo.ling resources. Most textbooks and materials have a contribution to make for some segment of the homeschooling population: our contribution is to help people understand how the materials compare. In reviews, we will try to distinguish between materials that are faith-based and not. Materials that are drill oriented versus those that are conceptual. Those that are demanding and those that are more accessible to everyone.


We’ll also review:

-          the major mega homeschooling websites

-          the various major homeschool conferences

-          the homeschool printed publications

-          the homeschool schools

-          the growing homeschool umbrella or cover schools
Materials for Gifted Homeschoolers


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If you have a review to contribute, please send it to info@homeschool-curriculum-review.com. You retain the copyright to your review but by sending it in, you grant to us a non-revokable permanent license to publish your review without any compensation on this and our affiliate sites. In our sole opinion, we will select those reviews to publish.